Here at Iconic Studios we constantly challenge ourselves to be the best filmmakers and creatives that we can be. While being home-based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have had the opportunity to travel all around the world and capture the precious "Love" of some of the most amazing couples ever.  We capture the day differently than most, not just in the way we shoot, but the main difference is in the way we edit your day.   We know that there are memories that you will want to remember forever. Memories of children, family, friends, pretty things and all the little details help bring you back to the exact moment when you committed forever.  

Most companies tell your story as just a highlight, Iconic Studios tells your story in detail. 

One of the things that we know is that planning out a wedding is difficult and often overwhelming when vendors don't have their prices online. So although we can not treat all weddings as one package price, do to all the variables involved. However, our film packages start at just $2500.

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These films take videography to another lever and is a cinematic overview of the entire day, regardless of the amount of time in which your day is being captured. We offer a 5min, 6-8min, 10-12min, and a 20min edit of this film. 

All your major events will be captured and cinematically edited into the allotted video length. The style in which we shoot and edit this film allows you to see a memorable and creative way to remember your whole day. 

We always include professional audio and complimentary drone coverage to enhance our highlight films. 


This film is very unique, it only captures the whole days worth of events but also shows the minute details of the day as well. This film is different from our other films in the way that it features 10 min long clips of your day, staying true to the actual emotion felt.


This film takes a behind the scenes tour of all the moments that make up your wedding day. 


This is an edited version of the whole ceremony allowing you to remember the full version of your wedding ceremony. Multiple angles are included to show the details of the wedding from different perspectives and allow our cinematic edit to fully capture the hearts of your viewers. 


Some of the most memorable moments are not just felt by you (the couple) but also are enjoyed by your parents as well. Having a film that focuses on the relationships between the couple and their parents allows intentional memories to be created, documented and enjoyed forever.

After all, these wonderful people are often emotionally, and financially invested in your life and even wedding, this film intends to appreciate that. They will love this film. Promise!


Let's be honest, your memories with your best friends and family are one of the best parts of the day. However, since we are being honest, the truth of the matter is that our friends often move away and create lives of their own. This film highlights the never-ending close-knit, laughter, and tear-filled, "Bride Tribe" moments you will want to remember.


Through thick and through thin, these guys have been by your side for years. When you get together....well you never know what can happen. This film shows the groomsman and groom relationships and highlights the bond that brothers hold. 


In the digital age, we have the luxury to be able to get the dreaded RSVP's back faster and easier by using an electronic RSVP system. The, facebook events, websites, email, etc. This video is perfect to announce to the world that the wedding date is set and they need to begin planning to attend. This film is shot on the same day as an engagement session(photography), which pairs well also with the Love Story. 


This film is for the couple who has built an elaborate event around seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. These uniquely created cinematic shots focus on the build up, anticipation, and reveal of the "First Look"


This film is unique to Iconic Studios. We take intentional special moments of your day and edit them in a way that allows us to show the deep love and passion between you two. When trials come in marriage, this film was created to help highlight the goal to return too, and encourage romance.

This film is nicknamed "get out the doghouse film" For obvious reasons.


You have heard of a guestbook but Iconic Studios takes it to the next level. We allow you, your bridal party, and all of your guests to give their feelings towards you on your big day, memories from the past, and often they will give sweet pieces of advice towards a successful marriage.

This gives your guests something else to do in the reception, besides dancing, which in turn keeps them around until the grand exit. 

This film is fun, often funny, and lighthearted. We shoot on location (paired with engagement sessions) and interview each of you two separately on things like "how you met?", "How was the first date?", "How did he propose?" etc. 

We edit both sides together and play the day of the wedding. Generally right before the grand introduction into the reception. 



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